The Moon and the Sledgehammer is a film that celebrates the unique independent lifestyle and philosophies of a real family: Mr Page; his two sons Jim and Peter; and his two daughters, Kathy and Nancy – so relevant today in times of eco-awareness. 

Our current position during lock down

Hello.  I hope this finds you safe and well during these strange times of both adversity and positive changes, where our values are being challenged like never before.

Watching the new version of the film again during this pandemic, I am struck by how relevant it is in today’s times.  Mr Page talks about people having nothing if they haven’t got time.  “If they haven’t got time, they haven’t got time to have anything because they haven’t got time”.  Now here we are with all the time in the world on our hands and many of us are using it just as Mr Page said – to live, to make things, to wonder at the world.  He talks of the importance of food – ‘It’s food first.  Work after.’  Food has never been as important as it is today.  The new Flour Power you might even say.  Our world is closer to the Pages than its ever been; we are living on basics, we have clean air, peace and quiet to hear the birdsong and most of all, time to live.  And as an added bonus the sun is shining as Spring is turns into summer.  This is not a time to stress if it can be avoided – that lowers the immune system.  So enjoy your Page Family moment and stay safe and do something wonderful to enjoy this time.



We are delighted to announce that following some delays due to lockdown, the new DVD, made from the fabulous restored version of the film and also containing companion DVD, BEHIND The Moon & the Sledgehammer, is now available to order.

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    NEW!!!  50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION DVD THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER from the new restored negative. Enjoy the full glorious colours of this exciting new edition. It’s so good I thought it was the original film, 2 DVDs in 1 includes BEHIND THE MOON & THE SLEDGEHAMMER   

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Available soon!

As part of our 50th Birthday Celebrations we have released a new DVD featuring the new restored version of the film.  It will also include companion DVD BEHIND The Moon and the Sledgehammer. 

As our big thank you to you for supporting the film and helping make the restoration possible, thus preserving the film for future generations, we are offering a massive 50% off to the first 100 customers who will be upgrading their DVD. 

Don’t miss out.  You can pre-order your DVD here.  Please use the same email address that you used for your original purchase or refer to our newsletter for a code.

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