Philip Trevelyan’s timeless film THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER, is a portrait of the unique Page family, whose self-sustained lifestyle in 5 acres of woodland, surrounded by nature and scrap iron, is a true celebration of independent  living.

BEHIND The Moon and the Sledgehammer DVD offers an insight into the making of this unforgettable film and answers many of the questions the film’s fans have long been asking.  Where was Mrs. Page?  What happened to the family?    Are they still there?

Here the director, cameraman  editor, production company and critics talk about the background to the film and how it came to be made; their role in it and the difficulties they faced filming outdoors,  how they improvised, sometimes with tractors, to overcome them and how they interacted with the family.

It was an unusual film in that it didn’t have a storyline. Producer Jimmy Vaughan and director Trevelyan had different views on this. Editor Barrie Vince had to find a way of arranging the scenes to produce a coherent film.

The combined minds and talents of Vaughan and Trevelyan, and calm engineering of Vince, produced an unforgettable gem which continues to fascinate and enthrall audiences 40 years on.