The Page family and their unique lifestyle has captured the imagination of so many people – perhaps even more so today than when the film was originally made.  Since the release of the DVD of THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER, we have had countless inquiries asking what happened to the family and their home, so we have created this page in the hope that those of you who knew or know the family can fill in the missing details.
We have already heard the sad news that Pete is no longer with us.  He was a much loved character and will be sadly missed.  Characteristically, he was borne off by steam traction engine.  We hope there are lots of steam engines for you to tinker with where you are now Pete!
On a happier note we heard that Kathy got married.  Not sure when this happened, but we hope all is going well with you Kathy!  We also believe Kathy still attends steam fairs.
We hear Nancy moved to another house, but don’t know anything about Jim. 
We also heard that part of the land was sold off, but that the house is still there, although we don’t know if it is in occupation. I know those of you who know where the home is like to keep it a closely guarded secret so it doesn't become a camera stop for tourists, but I hope you'll be kind enough to keep us updated.
So what can you add?  I’ve heard many of you knew the family since childhood and even remember Mrs Page.  Do you have any stories?  Do you have any old photographs?  Have you been to the homestead?  Can you tell us anything about it today?
Send your stories and pictures to:
and let us know if you want your name included or not.
Watch this space for updates!