Steam power has many purposes and applications. Here are some interesting links related to steam power. They vary from the factual and historical to technological advances to some very cool robots. We also list some railway sites and events. Please contact us if you have a steam related site. We will be updating this page regularly so come again soon!

Steam engine: click on link to read the science
The history of steam power
Steam powered Apple Macs anyone?
Art brings Steam Power to the digital revolution
Steam power in cars
The British Steam Car Challenge was conceived with the twofold aim of breaking the land speed record for steam powered vehicles as well as creating excitement in the arena of alternate fuels. It is hoped that the project will create interest among the next generation of engineers and designers to work toward cleaner and safer forms of transportation, both public and private.
Steam engines could be eco hope. Read about British design engineer Glynne Bowsher and his team as they tackle the challenge to beat the land speed record with their steam powered car.
BMW unveils the turbosteamer concept


Check out these cool steam powered robots and great artwork
I-Wei is a gifted young animator with a passion for building steam powered robots. His miniature models come in all shapes and sizes, even powerful enough to pull him along. His compact and elegant machines are all hand built to his own designs. The site also features some fabulous design artwork.
See I-Wei’s notes on constructing the R/C Steam Rover with videos
6 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering…. Steam Powered
And more videos of his robots in action



Steam Powered Lawnmower
The Leyland steam mower was one of the first motorised lawn mowers. It was first produced in 1893 and stayed in production for just a few years before being superseded by the petrol engined motor. There is only one known copy today, in the University of Reading.