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This group is dedicated to the wonderful film by Philip Trevelyan, THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER, and to all those Mr. Pages, steam lovers and film lovers out there.
Katy Mac
Katy Mac6 days ago
Good news for Trevelyan film fans. We've just made BIG WARE available on demand. In his trademark fashion Trevelyan finds quietly remarkable people, highly skilled in their work which brings them true contentment. BIG WARE is a portrait of George Curtis, the last traditional country potter. We see him at work and hear how potteries have fared over the years. His skills are unquestionable. He takes great pride in his big ware - huge pots that very few people can make.
Profits from sales go towards much needed restoration of the print. We feel it's important that these kinds of films are saved for future generations. Otherwise, it will be a future of Harry Potter and Star Wars, which is fine but let's have a little gentle, poetic reality from Mr Trevelyan as well. Future generations deserve it.
Katy Mac
Katy Mac
Katy Mac1 month ago
Here's a treat. Listen to the fabulous Maxine Peake (of 'Shameless' fame and 'Dinnerladies') recall the poetic impressions and the wonderful language of the film when she selected it as one of her Desert Island Docs at the recent Sheffield Film Festival. "They feel like some sort of poem; an ode to another way of life. the old English ethos, the connection with the land, the pagan element running through. Something very magical and quite spiritual about it….”
Katy Mac
Katy Mac shared a link to the group: THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER OFFICIAL SITE.1 month ago
Any of you near Bewdley in Worcestershire? Date for your diary; the film will screen on 7th November at 7.30pm. Tickets £5.00 - what a bargain! And it's a double bill! Book your tickets here now to avoid disappointment.
Katy Mac
Katy Mac shared a link to the group: THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER OFFICIAL SITE.3 months ago
More good news! Not only can you stream THE MOON & THE SLEDGEHAMMER, but from today you can also stream BEHIND THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER which will be available for a limited time, so if you haven't already seen it, now's your chance.
It's in 2 parts: in part 1 we meet the crew of the film and find out exactly how they worked. Only natural lighting was used and crane shots were improvised with tractors.
In part 2 we meet film's director Philip Trevelyan during a Q&A. He tells us how he met the family and how he came to admire them and their unusual way of life, with particular respect to how they coped so well. He also tells us about exchanges with Mr Page that weren't actually filmed. The audience asks all those questions everyone asks - where was Mrs Page? Why was Mr Page pretending to be an elephant, and the perennial favourite - what happened to the family?
There's only so much you can squeeze into a one hour film. BEHIND... offers an insight and some background to the film.

Weekend sorted! Stream it here:
Katy Mac
Where was Mrs Page? Why is Mr Page pretending to be an elephant? How did the crew achieve some shots and how long did filming take? THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER…
Katy Mac
Katy Mac5 months ago
Don't forget, you can stream the film online now. Early bird viewings only £1.10 for first 100 plays. Going fast so don't miss out. You can watch it NOW here: