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This group is dedicated to the wonderful film by Philip Trevelyan, THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER, and to all those Mr. Pages, steam lovers and film lovers out there.
Katy Mac
Katy Mac shared a link to the group: THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER OFFICIAL SITE.4 weeks ago
More good news! Not only can you stream THE MOON & THE SLEDGEHAMMER, but from today you can also stream BEHIND THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER which will be available for a limited time, so if you haven't already seen it, now's your chance.
It's in 2 parts: in part 1 we meet the crew of the film and find out exactly how they worked. Only natural lighting was used and crane shots were improvised with tractors.
In part 2 we meet film's director Philip Trevelyan during a Q&A. He tells us how he met the family and how he came to admire them and their unusual way of life, with particular respect to how they coped so well. He also tells us about exchanges with Mr Page that weren't actually filmed. The audience asks all those questions everyone asks - where was Mrs Page? Why was Mr Page pretending to be an elephant, and the perennial favourite - what happened to the family?
There's only so much you can squeeze into a one hour film. BEHIND... offers an insight and some background to the film.

Weekend sorted! Stream it here:
Katy Mac
Where was Mrs Page? Why is Mr Page pretending to be an elephant? How did the crew achieve some shots and how long did filming take? THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER…
Katy Mac
Katy Mac3 months ago
Don't forget, you can stream the film online now. Early bird viewings only £1.10 for first 100 plays. Going fast so don't miss out. You can watch it NOW here:
Katy Mac
Katy Mac shared a link to the group: THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER OFFICIAL SITE.2 months ago
We've entered the 21st Century! Lots of you have been in touch asking about streaming the film so that you can watch it on the go. We are now delighted to say that this is now a reality. What's more, we're giving the first 100 viewers a half-price offer. So if you want to watch the film on your laptop, pc, tablet or phone - or smart tv if you have one - make sure to use this early bird offer. Cost is a mere £1.10 for 24hours. Click on play below then click 'Rent £1.10' to view now
Katy Mac
Watch THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER Online | Vimeo On Demand
The story of the remarkable Page family. THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER is a film about a family of real people: Mr. Page; his two sons, Peter and Jim; and his two…
Katy Mac
Katy Mac2 months ago
I would love to have seen some of those radios and TVs that Mr Page built -from a safe distance of course!
Katy Mac
Aid Tony Callway
Aid Tony Callway2 months ago
We've been meaning to photograph this house just around the corner from us in Totland Bay, Isle of Wight for sometime now.

It reminds us so much of the Page's house in The Moon & Sledgehammer!!
Katy Mac
Katy Mac4 months ago
Have you seen this poster? Designed by PT's father, surreal artist Julian Trevelyan. And yes, the spelling mistakes are deliberate! He was a surrealist artist after all!