The Moon and the Sledgehammer is a film that celebrates the unique independent lifestyle and philosophies of a real family: Mr Page; his two sons Jim and Peter; and his two daughters, Kathy and Nancy.  

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dvdcoverOriginal film
Philip Trevelyan's unique portrait of the remarkable steam-loving Page family.
Companion DVD
A Behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film.
The Moon & the Sledgehammer plus Behind the Moon.

Upcoming Screenings:  Manchester 23rd Feb 2017  

Home Cinema in Manchester are hosting 3 films by Philip Trevelyan in February.

The screening will feature the delectably delicious black and white film from 1964, Ship Hotel – Tyne Main, set in an old time Tyneside pub. and restored versions of Lambing and The Moon and the Sledgehammer.  More…
Home Cinema, Manchester.
Box Office 0161 200 1500

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The Problem of Perspective:
Doncaster, 11 March 2017

The Moon and the Sledgehammer   
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In response to your many questions re the family's history we've  
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Kathy 3
A young Kathy Page at her school's May Day celebrations.  

Film maker ANDREW KOTTING shares his impressions on the film with us.

Where to begin?
At the beginning?
Before the moon landing?
Wayback before we had the ‘understanding'?
Wayback when time began expanding to become a multi-dimensional uneven post-modern happening?
Wayback before genre mingling and sex changing?
Wayback when there was a lot of smoking?

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35mm filmComing Soon

Full restoration of the 35mm film negative.
Film will be preserved for future generations

images Harvard 2
Mr Page is heading for Harvard!

America's distinguished Harvard University will hold the first ever Philip Trevelyan Retrospective

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